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Our goal is to get to know our clients so well that on their wedding day, we can confidently make decisions on their behalf
(and know which ones they absolutely want to make themselves).

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to redefine celebration itself, crafting moments that resonate with profound connection and unparalleled beauty. We aim to elevate every milestone into a realm of extraordinary experiences, where each event becomes a testament to innovation, heartfelt design and ridiculous fun.

We see a world where every gathering is an opportunity to inspire, to create joy, and to forge connections. It's our mission to blend the elegance of tradition with the excitement of the new, ensuring that each celebration we touch turns into a vibrant story, cherished for generations.


As architects of the extraordinary, we're dedicated to weaving love, creativity, and authenticity into every moment we create.

What We Do

We craft unforgettable moments: Full Planning & Design


We’re couple whisperers. We get to know our clients intimately - not only do we know their astrological signs, but their deepest wishes and dreams, so we can make empowered and hell-yes decisions for and with them.


Many companies provide full planning and design services, but our team of cool, confident, and approachable pros ensure not just a seamless, but also a joyful experience. We're here to flip the script on the typical wedding stress, injecting much-needed laughter and lightness.

Our mission? To revolutionize weddings, creating unique celebrations brimming with magical moments and sparkling toasts. We craft events that leap beyond the conventional, trading standard fare for experiences filled with whimsy, bespoke floral designs, and those unforgettable touches that add a certain “je ne sais quoi”.


The Details

With exclusive full planning and design services our clients have access to our preferred list of venues.  If we can’t find the right location from our roster, we will bend over backward to discover the perfect spot for you.  


We handle the hiring, negotiation and management of your entire event team.  Together we work with our creative partners to design custom save the dates, invitation suites and all day-of stationery, then handle the timing of all printing and mailings. We provide assistance with ceremony planning and advice throughout the planning process.  Our team handles the booking and coordination of all transportation and hotel blocks.  We work with your caterer to plan the perfect wedding menu and attend tastings to lend our experience and expertise with service and menu planning. Leading up to the party we create a detailed timeline and production schedule and conduct a walkthrough with all pertinent vendors. 


Also included, are our hallmark design and creative services to create a beautiful and cohesive environment for your event.  We begin with an onsite walkthrough and consultation to talk about your inspiration and ideas.  From there, we create a detailed design proposal, including visual inspiration, a color board, layouts and renderings of the event spaces.  We hand-select and manage your complete design team including florals, rentals, linens, decor, and props.

The weekend of the wedding we handle everything from ordering your breakfast to receiving vendors on-site and cueing toasts.  We oversee the setup and breakdown of your event from start to finish to ensure that you are able to relax and enjoy your family and closest friends on your big day.  

In House Floral Design

Nestled within the creative heart of Shannon Leahy Events, our in-house floral design team led by Victoria & Marianne is a cornerstone of creativity and elegance. This talented group of floral artisans brings your event to life with breathtaking arrangements that perfectly complement the spirit of your celebration. 

Our floral designers work in seamless harmony with our planning team, ensuring that every bouquet, centerpiece, and floral accent flawlessly melds with your event's theme and atmosphere. This close-knit collaboration allows for a beautifully cohesive look and feel, turning your venue into a mesmerizing setting that feels like it was dreamt into existence just for you.  


From the grandest floral installations to the subtlest of accents, every detail is curated to enhance the joy and beauty of your celebration.  


Our in-house team brings a level of personalization and cohesion that's rare. We're here to make your day not just beautiful, but uniquely yours, ensuring that every moment feels like a page from your own love story, brought vividly to life.

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